Got something to protect? Agrifilms will cover it!

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Cover and protect crops from the harsh cold and frost during our winter periods.  Protect young crops from harsh sunlight and birds.  Protect young trees such as citrus, avocados, macadamia and pecans from frost and from heavy winds.

Non-woven, light and durable covers are available to protect your crops. 

Widths from 1.5m – 3m wide, thicknesses from 17 to 30 grams per sqm.

Be sure to place your orders on time these materials move out very quickly and stock shortages do occur especially once the frost starts. 

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Get the best growth and protect crops from harsh UV rays, hail, birds and other animals. Crops such as blueberries, kiwis, citrus are all high value plants and one cannot afford for a crop to be taken out by hail.  Shade net can create the optimum environment for your crop whether it be due to colour and UV spectrum or specific shading.

Nets are available in bird net, hail net, 20 to 90% construction offering you a wide range to choose from.  Colours from clear, white, green, black, grey, blue/white, red…

Standard rolls 3m x 50m or large panels that are stitched to your size requirements.



Protect your cops and save on labour costs with high quality virgin mulch films.  Made to your requirements cover your crops such as – strawberry, peppers, tomatoes…and more. Conserve soil moisture and stop weed growth and competition around your valuable crops.

Available in black, black/white, or imported specialty specific films. True biodegradable mulch films now available.  Once your cops is done no more collecting and trying to rid our environment from old plastic.  Plough it into the field and let it naturally degrade into the soil with no harm to our environment.  

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We import our bale wrap from Silotite, the global leader in wrapping films.




Protect and improve growth of your bananas by using our banana blue tubing to cover your crops.  0,78m x 35-50um x 200um rolls. Reaping bags to protect your crops while transporting to the pack shed.

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Grow your crops in our hydroponic liners.  Manufactured to your spec. Thick and durable, built to last.



Protect your silage with a range of advanced plastic films guaranteed to give you top quality feed for your livestock. 


Choose from:

  • Locally manufactured mono layer black films,  4m-8m x 30, 50 and 100m long

  • Imported 3 layer Black/White films, high strength, excellent oxygen barrier 16m x 50m


Choose from High Strength Standard, Combi Silage and Silage2Block

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Protect your crops with mini tunnels.  Our short term crop covers are made to your spec to cover your crops during winter and periods of frost.  Choose from plain covers to diffused and thermic films.  Perfect for nurseries growing seedlings in winter, for your strawberry crops in summer to protect from heavy rainfalls.  Local and imported films available

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Please take a look at our tunnels page

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