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Evaporative cooling is another tool that can be used to reduce greenhouse temperatures. A "fan and pad" system uses exhaust fans to pull air through evaporative cooling pads. This technique utilizes the cooling effect produced when water evaporates and cools the air as it is pulled through the pad.  We will design the correct system for your greenhouse tunnel.


When air ventilation is necessary we can install roll curtains on the sides or on the gable ends of the tunnels.  These curtains can either be rolled up or down by manual cranks, manual gearbox or automatic motors linked to temperature control.


Gable vents can be put in on the ends of the tunnels.  This allows the hot air to move out the tunnel at either end.  The vents can be kept closed when it gets too cold to maintain the air temperature.


If you are in a cold area or need to boost the temperature to enhance your plants growth then we can provide a heating system for you.  We supply a variety of heaters that run off electricity, gas or diesel.  We will design the correct heating system for your greenhouse.


If humidity is a problem we can supply dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air to maintain the correct humidity for the plants you are growing.


If a high humidity percentage is required or temperature needs to be controlled, then high pressure fogging is the answer.  These systems operate at extremely high pressure , this sprays a very fine mist into the greenhouse.  This causes the temperature to drop and the humidity to rise.  Perfect for clonal propagation.


When pest prevention becomes of utmost importance virus nets can be used to close off the ventilation areas.  This allows air flow but stops all small insects and pests.  We supply a 50 mesh imported virus net in a variety of widths


Whether you are wanting to boost your plants or just give them a helping hand.  We supply the latest in LED lighting.  We offer the correct light range for your plants whether it be vegging or flowering.  We also have specific lights for cloning and propagation.  We also have a range of HPS and MH lights if this is what you are after.

Lighting is becoming very important in high value crops and the results can be seen almost immediately.


When your plants need to sleep black out screens are used to close off the tunnel and create an absolute dark environment.  These screens are extremely heavy and can only be installed on tunnel designed to hold this weight. Perfect systems for certain crops like Chrysanthanums and Cannabis.

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